Mystery and murder cases in our library

“I didn’t expect reading could be so much fun and that my book would be so exciting!”

With our English teacher, Ms. Kostov, all the students of class 8b did a project in which we all read a mystery, detective or crime book that we could choose by ourselves. With these books, we decided to create a reading box. It is a box that contains all the books we read. To create the reading box, we did different activities. We, for example, thought of a system to organize the box, we designed and decorated it and we wrote cards and posters with our reviews of the books. We also selected the best six books from the ones we read.
Of course, some books are more difficult and some easier to understand. So we marked the easier and the more difficult ones with different colours. But it is no problem if the students don’t understand every word because we have collected a list of words that are helpful if you read crime or detective books. We also created bookmarks with reading strategies on them that can help you if you have problems understanding something.
We wanted to design the reading box because we wanted to give the students the opportunity to read English books and not only German ones. We also liked the idea of sharing the books we can really recommend to others. The students should definitely borrow a book from our reading box because it is great fun reading English books and learning new words and expressions. What is also important is that the books are not complicated to understand. If you are still unsure, we can tell you it is no problem to read a book from our box, because it also contains easy books, like comics. Another aspect is that the books are all very exciting and approved of by all the students from our class. If you want to make sure you will borrow a really fascinating book or comic, you can choose one of the books that we marked as “best books”. The books can be borrowed in the “Leseinsel” after the summer holidays. But of course, you can already have a look at them now.
All in all, we think that the reading box is a great idea and everybody will find a book she/he likes. We hope you will enjoy the books as much as our class did!

Written by: Leonie Schwertberger, Kristina Deiner, Rebecca Draws, Kristian Rausch
Images: Lisa Kostov


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